Rescue The Swan

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Allan was trying to increase the numbers of swans in the nearby pond which was located in the forest and it ‘s good for they stay put and were actually increasing as time passes, still Allan must supervise for things can still go wrong in there like other birds invading the place and all his hard work then will be for nothing. That is exactly what had happened one day, but there was still a chance to cure it though, and the issue was one of the male swans which were only a few there went missing! Allan knew then for his gut-feeling is telling him so that there is something wrong here, and he was right! For he just found one of those swans trapped in something and it couldn’t get out from it!

Allan was furious then for he thought this could be the works of the hunters in the area, it might as well be but it could also be an accident. Whatever this may be though, Allan must still rescue that swan for every male is important for the survival of the swans’ and their future there.

Rescue The Swan is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.