Rescue The Squirrel Game

Rescue The Squirrel

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Different kinds of animals are getting trapped in the cages which Harold had set in the forest surrounding him, it's always the ones that are not on his menu and he has to set them free of course. Harold needs to get those animals out to accommodate the wild game he was trying to capture. That day, it happened then again and this time, it is another squirrel and he just wonders why, for his bait is not really made of nuts or anything, but they still always gets in. Now Harold needs to get that squirrel out and maybe check the other traps around his house for a similar situation.

Escape players, Harold needs to get that squirrel out and quickly, will you join him and see if you can help in getting that thing out? In-fact, you can play as Harold here and see if you can free the squirrel yourself and of course without hurting the animal? Go ahead and give this one a try then, check the other traps as well for more accidental squirrels getting trapped in Harold's contraptions.

Check this fun rescue here everyone! Rescue The Squirrel is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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