Rescue The Snake Game

Rescue The Snake

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As a young boy, Chester frequented the forest near his home for he loved nature and adventures. He sometimes go way beyond the limits of the place but still he makes it back, every time it gives him courage to go even further and discover more land in there. But one day as he went however, he'll discover something there he did not expect, and that is a hunter and it seems that he had captured something as Chester looks around his camp from a distance. Chester spotted a rare snake inside one of his cages and he knows that animal is rare, for he had studied the place long enough to know and researched a whole bunch.

Chester thought carefully of what he needs to do now, and that he might have to rescue the snake under the possession of the hunter, or just mind his own business. Chester was thinking of the risks but as he observes, he saw the hunter left, head to the forest and was not seen anymore. He might be on another hunt again, this is Chester's only chance now! If he wants to rescue that rare snake, he must do it as quickly as possible for who knows, the hunter might return as soon as he had left. Escape players, will you help Chester here do what he needs to do and quickly?

Rescue The Snake is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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