Rescue The Smart Boy Game

Rescue The Smart Boy

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You became a teacher assistant in one of the most prestigious schools in a foreign country. Although you already finished your doctor’s degree, getting a permanent position in the school wasn’t a breeze. You had to go through various screening processes and be under observation. A special task was given to you. You were to tutor a child of a business man. He was so quiet that you didn’t how know to approach him. It took days for you to finally have a conversation. He was just usually doing the things you asked of him. He was a pretty smart boy for his age. And you felt lucky that you were assigned to tutor him since the lessons were just flowing through smoothly. However, there was a threat to his security. His dad’s business opponent was taking things too far that it involved him.

Your lesson was done for that day when strange men entered the building and was about to take the boy away. You trained for various martial arts skills before being able to be with the boy. However, you were outnumbered and they successfully took the boy away. You felt like his safety was also your responsibility and you have to perform a rescue. Play Rescue The Smart Boy room escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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