Rescue The Sheep Game

Rescue The Sheep

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Rescue The Sheep is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games for more daring rescues here in the wilderness. Enjoy!

Arthur had a lot of sheep to take-care of and everyday, he takes them all out and by the end of it, he takes them all back then into their sheep fort as he calls it, that is so they can be safe and away from wolves. Arthur is aware of the poachers in the forest nearby and yes he is definitely against their acts, but well he can't catch them for he is pretty close to advance age. One day however, something happened to one of his sheep and sadly, it involves one of those poacher's cages.

The fort had an unfortunate hole which one sheep passed and probably, it got scared of something which it then took-off to the forest! Arthur knew where it went and how it did to get there, it ran vigorously for the sheep really removed some dirt on its attempt to escape from something, Arthur followed these obvious tracks and the end of it wasn't so good at all. Escape players, Arthur found one of the poacher's cages and the tracks led to it! It's obvious now what happened and what that cage caught, care to join in with Arthur and see if you can rescue his sheep which was obviously trapped in that cage? Go ahead then everyone and good luck on the animal rescue with us!

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