Rescue The Security Guard From Park

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The park is currently under maintenance that’s why it is closed for the day, as one of the operators there Allan checked everything that might be in need of some repairs or added safety measures for the children. The security personnel is also there for well, for security purposes of course. But that day though, Allan’s work will be cut a little bit short for somebody needs help there in the park’s restrooms, well it’s none other than the security guard!

Allan so happened to pass by the restrooms there where the guard is trapped and thankfully for him, his screams were heard! Allan got startled when he heard the scream, for it was sudden and it echoed. Okay this is pretty silly now, but of course Allan will help him for well nobody else can but him, well that’s if he can open the door of the structure first though, for it was really locked and at the moment he doesn’t have the key to it. Okay then escape players, looks like your assistance is needed here, for Allan doesn’t even know where are the compartments of the keys to this place is. The security guard should know about it though, but he is busy screaming for help however. Come and help Allan on this then in finding a key somewhere so that the guard can be rescued as well.

Rescue The Security Guard From Park is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Security Guard From Park

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