Rescue The Seahorse Baby

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Jed is one of the guardians of the area of the sea here and the place is absolutely thriving and beautiful, that’s all thanks to Jed’s care for he answers every call for help of every creature there as best as he can. That hour, a seahorse was calling him and he immediately came to help. The issue was its offspring and he is trapped in some sort of cage-like structure!

This is something new to Jed for he hasn’t seen this structure before, but helping the underwater creatures there is not at all new to him, so he’ll save this seahorse youngster from whatever this thing is so it can return to its parent. Escape players, Jed needs a little help on this rescue though, so will you assist him by finding stuff around that can help free this young seahorse?

Rescue The Seahorse Baby is a brand new point-and-click underwater animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Seahorse Baby

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