Rescue The Rhinoceros Game

Rescue The Rhinoceros

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James and his team have already drove the poachers to the forest and they still are for it had finally gone too far because their activities are starting to show, that's why full force have now been dealt upon them. James through the years of his service never saw such an action against them and it's good, but the damage had already been done and they cannot get that back anymore. The poachers have now tried to capture a rhino as James checks-out their hidden camp. They were actually successful with such a task but because the enforcers struck them down sooner, they weren't able to sell the animal. Now there is still hope for it for James is there to free the beast.

James checked the animal thoroughly and it seems to be okay, now it's time to free it from the enclosure which was in and it's entirely a different task. Escape players, will you lend James a hand here as he frees the rhino so it can roam free again in the vast dry fields? Use everything that you have then and what you can find in-order to fulfill this task with James.

Rescue The Rhinoceros is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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