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Rescue The Red Parrot
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Noel had to rescue a baby parrot years ago, for poachers spiked in the area and he saw it with his eyes, nests and dens being ravaged by them! They managed to take a lot and then they were all gone, never to return again. What they left however were ruin and animals being stricken from their freedom. As Noel looks around the aftermath, he found one hope in the midst of all of that. He found a parrot chick and from then, he had dedicated half of his time in taking-care of that thing until, it grew into a beautiful red parrot! It was very active though and that day he never thought he had to rescue it again.

The parrot escaped once more but this time it really spread its wings and went into the forest! This is not good, for the forest had already bounced-back and there are definitely predators in that place which can munch on the inexperienced. Will Noel be able to find his parrot before a big cat rescues it? From its life that is. Place yourself on the shoes of Noel then and be ready for the challenges of the wilderness.

Rescue The Red Parrot is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from 8B Games and Games 2 mad.

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