Rescue The Red Panda Game

Rescue The Red Panda

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Paul already looked in the nearby forest for his missing red panda but still nothing, maybe it went too far already? Or what about it got trapped in some hunter contraption? Well Paul could not find such and he will be sticking to the next thing here in the small settlement where he lives, and that is to find his pet red panda around the houses for he haven't looked in such yet, sometimes it is in the most unusual places you will find what you are looking for.

Paul will now begin his search in the immediate area for all he knows it could just be under the floorboards of a house there hiding. Escape players, will you help Paul here as he tracks his seemingly rare pet here? Quickly then for red pandas can be quick too and because there are a lot of foliage and hiding places in the area, it is going to be a bit difficult to find and Paul can attest to that for he had already done so but up to no avail. Ready yourselves now and accomplish this before darkness falls.

Rescue The Red Panda is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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