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Rescue The Rat

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Communications between villages have not been developed yet, that's why they rely heavily on the animal messengers for they are the ones that are efficient and gets the job done as well. There are three types of messengers in the village, there are human messengers, messenger birds, and messenger rodents. Matt is in-charge of the rodents and he trains them to the best of his abilities. Nowadays Matt doesn't worry about the rodents anymore, for before the owls and other predators catches the messengers but thanks to the built tunnels, the rats can pass through those tunnels safely as they travel. But still there are some problems at times though and this time, a trap set by a human in the forest managed to capture one of the rats!

Matt had a bad feeling about the message he sent that day and he was rarely wrong about his gut feelings, and he was right and luckily he still found the animal just in time before it gets carried by the trapper and with it the village's important message! Matt must get the rat out of the cage but in doing so as carefully as possible as to not destroy the trap as well. Escape players, will you help Matt here with rescuing his messenger rat quickly?

Rescue The Rat is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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