Rescue The Puppy Game

Rescue The Puppy

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Pierre has a new puppy and it was quite big, it was the size of an adult fox! Well it is a big breed dog so that's understandable. Pierre loved the little-guy for it was quite active and friendly, he just hopes though that it will become a reliable guard-dog someday for there are a lot of undesirables in the area where he lives. It was another day again and Pierre was ready to go on a walk with his pet, but when he checked on him in his box however, he realized that the animal was gone and he knew then that it ran somewhere outside! That's because if it is just inside his place then he should have already seen it for the puppy was really active.

Pierre began looking for his puppy around the area where he lives and he is being quick with this for he fears that somebody might find it and make it theirs, he just regrets he didn't attach a collar to him the earliest. Escape players, come and join Pierre here on this rescue attempt for his lost dog, quickly now and search for clues which can lead you all to it.

Rescue The Puppy is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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