Rescue The Prince From Fort Game

Rescue The Prince From Fort

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Escape players, check this rescue here and see if you can accomplish it successfully. Rescue The Prince From Fort is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly. Best of luck!

You always thought your friend Jeremy ain't special, but he's one of your closest and you definitely know his worth. But one day however, you both discovered that his worth was more than just what you thought, for he was a distant heir to a remote and forgotten kingdom in the countryside! You both analyzed some data extensively but well the ending was indeed, Jeremy has a long heritage of being royalty. Sadly though the long lost kingdom only has one castle left and it was even used as a house by some generations of farmers throughout the years.

You and your friend Jeremy went to where this last castle stands and it was actually pretty small, but well it still has those old stuff inside thankfully and there Jeremy saw where one of his great grandparents lived. You both ventured on your own around the castle scanning various doors and rooms, now it seems to be abandoned. This place here is pretty remote, but it will soon be discovered by people in no time, that's why they continued further on what clues they can find inside but unfortunately, that got Jeremy in-trouble for he accidentally got trapped inside a room in the castle and he was screaming like hell! He should just relax for you are going to rescue him escape players. Will you all be able to do that without destroying anything historical? Enjoy this then everyone!


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