Rescue The Pretty Girl Game

Rescue The Pretty Girl

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In the apartment where Newton lives, there is this girl whom he likes and she just lives a few rooms away. He was just in awe with her beauty, but he was the kind of guy who has very little self confidence and he has no friend to even motivate him to pursue her, that's why he just sticks with seeing her from afar every day. That day however, something happened to that girl, she got trapped in her own room and because Newton was kind of updated with her, he knows and this is the time he can prove himself to her and also to show her that he exists.

Escape players, Newton needs a little boost here for the girl he likes is in trouble, of course you will all need to rescue her for she is trapped. Find things around the room there which can pry a few doors open and Newton needs to be prepared for anything, for all he knows the girl could be locked-in behind another door inside her room. Unlock the doors where she could be trapped in.

Rescue The Pretty Girl is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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