Rescue The Pig Game

Rescue The Pig

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Mac has all sorts of farm animals under his care already and the most numerous ones he has are his goats, the least for now were his pigs because he just sold 80% of his inventory to the market and the 10% to his fellow villagers as well as his meat stocks. Mac now has 10% of his pigs remaining and he will use them to regain his pig supply, that means every pig he has now is important. One day however, one of Mac's pigs just escaped from the pen and went straight to the forest nearby! That of course got Mac into overdrive to retrieve his pig for there are among a lot of things that can get that pig, a major concern are people.

Escape players, Mac is now in the edge of the forest where a few houses of his neighbors stands, he'll begin to look for signs of his pig and luckily it ran and made a real sign of where it went. Mac was thinking about what made it ran though and out of his pen, there could be a predator here which got it startled. Will you help Mac though so he can get his runaway pig back?

Rescue The Pig is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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