Rescue The Peacock Game

Rescue The Peacock

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Rescue The Peacock is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games for more fun with us daily. Good luck!

Steven was working with some stuff in his forest house and everything seems to be okay at first, but he noticed one thing and that stopped him from his current work. Steven did not find his peacock and he sees the animal everyday and it doesn't miss in doing its daily routines, he then decided to look for it and because the forest is wide, it might take the entire afternoon but Steven still did it and fortunately, it didn't actually take his entire morning.

Steven still has the entire day to work, but because he found the peacock in some sort of cage, he then became alert and he thought what in the world? A trap as near his house? This can't be for the one placed it there should have noticed his house and stopped setting his or her trap then, it could be that the person is specifically targeting the wild peacock which Steven sees everyday and that's a no no, because for a while that is the only peacock he sees and the species could be rare here. Escape players, Steven will absolutely rescue that beautiful grounded bird there, care to join in and see if you can all make the rescue as well? Go ahead then everyone and do this one quickly. Have fun!

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