Rescue The Parrot Game

Rescue The Parrot

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Try this animal rescue adventure here everyone. Rescue The Parrot is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games. Good luck and stay alert as you do your best!

Allen lives peacefully in a small wooden house in the meadows and it's one of the best of his decisions, for when he began moving-out of the city, life had never been easier and of course a lot less boring than he prefers. The wildlife in the place is astounding, for there are a handful of bird species there that one would never find in a populated city, there were even colorful wild parrots there coming and going being curious of him. One sunny day, Allen was going to go and chop some wood for the fireplace, he also looked for some around the area so to clean the path as well. Little did he know that he'll find something there which he never expected.

Allen was looking in the distance when suddenly, a glimmer caught his eyes so he approached it. Little by little, he began to make out what it was and was actually what he had expected. It was a cage and inside it was one of those wild red parrots! The creature was kind of weak now, maybe it had struggled to escape but now, it was left there for dead. Allen doesn't know if this was just a common neglect of someone or the work of a poacher, but he do knows one thing, he is going to rescue the bird even if someone likes it or not. Escape players, join in the animal rescue here with Allen, see if you can all pry the cage open to free the parrot. Enjoy this rescue everyone!

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