Rescue The Parrot (Top 10 New Games)

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Stanley has this very rare parrot and in-fact there might be no other like it! It has a green body and red wings, it was strange and in-fact he never saw anything as such before, so he just takes-care of the animal until he can finally ID it. Month after month the bird grew until it was an avid flyer, Stanley keeps it on a leash though for because it is an unidentified animal, it might be the last of its kind and this creature here must be preserved. Stanley did so but it only took one day for everything to fail, that’s because the parrot escaped!

Stanley immediately went in panic-mode for the forest nearby is vast and there are a ton of dangers there which can end the parrot’s life! Well at least it’s not a city where dangers can be a bit higher, but it’s easier to spot a distinct bird in such a metropolis. Stanley needs to find that parrot now and he will, but unfortunately he won’t be finding the animal in a good situation however. Escape players, the situation needs solving here so that the rare parrot can be safe again, join Stanley then and do your best.

Rescue The Parrot is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.