Rescue The Owl (Top 10 New Games)

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The population of owls in the village is somehow going down and Terry notices that. Nobody really knows what is causing the decline but to remedy the problem, the villagers listed the owls as endangered and any hunts for them must be prohibited. After that new law was passed among the village people, other bird species started to decline as well, even eagles are slowly decreasing in numbers! The villagers are getting worried for not only this will wreak havoc to the ecosystem where they live, they don’t want to be blamed as the perpetrators who are taking too much from the forest and it’s eventual demise too if this continues. Terry however has a different approach on this, he will try his best to investigate on the matter and cut this problem from the root.

Terry left no stone alone and checked everything he can get his hands on or think of until, he seems to have found the source of the problem but he is not sure if this was it. Terry found a small settlement near the village and in the area was a cage, Terry squinted and he saw an owl inside! Terry decided to call for help then but because he was still under investigation, he will just continue to move into that area and find-out whoever is behind this. Escape players, Terry might free the owl if he has to or if the situation gets dangerous. Will you help him out with this and get the owl out of the place?

Rescue The Owl is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.