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Rescue The Otter

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The place where Junior lives is a very lush one and it's clear for there are otters in the place and turtles as well, that signifies that the rivers are healthy and the forest too for there are badgers and rare mushrooms there. Junior could not live anywhere else than where he is, for the village was just great. But as the months passes however, Junior noticed the slow decline in the population of Otters and it all gone to a point that it had become a concern! Junior wanted to know what happened to the otters which are suppose to be a lot in the area, but they somehow disappeared. It could be just the cycle of their lives? Or what about poachers? Junior will find one of his assumptions right and unfortunately, the latter was it.

Junior found one of the otters trapped in something and it absolutely looks man-made! That's not all, for he also found other otters stuck in some nearby houses where he found the first one! Junior has no idea what's going-on here and why there are trapped otters, but of course this does not look good to him, so he'll rescue the creatures there that are trapped. Escape players, care to help out and see what you can offer to rescue the otters?

Rescue The Otter is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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