Rescue The Man And His Monkey Game

Rescue The Man And His Monkey

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Because of a Science experiment that went wrong, your friend had to endure being a monkey until your professor arrives from his lecture abroad. You were part of the top five students in class. He trusted all five of you with the laboratory. He said you could make use of it while he was gone as long as you wouldn’t do anything that could be considered uncalculated risk. You all agreed to this. The moment he left, you all flocked to the laboratory to start your own experiments. One of you didn’t feel like interacting with the machines and gadgets. So you asked him to help you out with your experiment. You wished to be able to give monkey-like qualities to plants. You rearranged some DNAs and made chemical combinations in the hopes of succeeding. Your friend willingly helped you but he got sleepy.

With drooping eyes, he held the syringe and accidentally injected himself with the chemical you came up with. You immediately rushed to him hoping you could find a way to stop the effect. However, you made a very potent chemical that the effect took place immediately. In his panic, he ran out of the laboratory. Play Rescue The Man And His Monkey room escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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