Rescue The Littlegiant

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There are these stories about this forest here being mystical, well those are good stories but for Vince who frequents there it is not just fables for him, for the land is indeed magical for it houses creatures that are of fantastical proportions. One of them was this creature called the Littlegiant, it looks scary and ancient but it is gentle and cares about the wilderness where it lives. Vince meets with it whenever he enters the forest, but that day though he is nowhere to be found!

This is very much a weird thing and probably a serious one too. And so Vince shifted his focus in searching for the Littlegiant, for he is getting a bad feeling about this. Escape players, Vince needs to find the fantastic creature the Littlegiant here for he might need some help today. Want to help Vince then so he can do this?

Rescue The Littlegiant is another new point-and-click wilderness rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Littlegiant

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