Rescue The Little Prince From Castle

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The big house here in the village is the only domicile of the royal prince, this is where the prince resides for the king wanted his son to learn how to lead and his way is by letting him manage a village first. The prince is still a young boy but not too young that he is not fit to lead, his leadership is going well actually, he is gaining more friends in the village and everyone there is happy. That’s why that day though when something happened to the prince, his close-friend Elliot helped him quickly, but at the moment he is going to need some extra help as well!

Elliot is having a hard-time trying to get the prince out for he is trapped in one of the houses there. He might be trying to uncover something and he got accidentally trapped. Escape players, Elliot is doing his best now but he is still going to need some extra help, for he can’t open the locked door which is keeping the prince in himself. Would you like to help then so that can be possible?

Rescue The Little Prince From Castle is the newest point-and-click rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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