Rescue The Little Girl Game

Rescue The Little Girl

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There was this hunter in the forest and at first he was just a kind man, letting the people pass near his place. But nowadays he have become rotten and he now harms people who come near his area and sometimes fires shots in the sky for anyone around. One day, he had gone way too far for he had kidnapped this girl who happened to just passed his area and most definitely that girl needs help right-now! Jasper was one of the good friends of the hunter once, but after he went wrong in the head his mates started to make distance from him. Jasper thought his hunter friend really needs some help but for now, that girl needs to be on priority.

Jasper cannot just barge into the hunter's house for he knows he will get shot, he needs to be systematic with this and swift too so that there will be no confrontation whatsoever. Escape players, Jasper needs help here to rescue that girl, will you be able to find any way to make the rescue without the hunter noticing that everything had already been done?

Rescue The Little Girl is the newest point and click rescue escape game from 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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