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Rescue The Lion

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The forest is slowly being turned into a park, but only a few things are already done and there is still a lot of grounds to cover and cordon. Even then animals are being gathered in one area as the workers work extra quicker in constructing the park's perimeters, it's a big place so a lot of time must be allotted to it. As a caretaker of the animals, Nora is currently taking care of the big cats which is in an isolated area big enough for them but not too big that she'll have a hard-time checking them. Soon she will release them into the park as soon as construction is done, but as everything was being finished however, a problem erupted and it's in Nora's side!

A lion just got captured by an unknown cage and Nora who happened to come pass by it for she is noticing one of the lions were missing, so she tried to find it and found the cage. That cage is not theirs clearly and inside it was the lion she was looking for! Nora was immediately on high alert for there is suppose to be no cages there, she immediately called for reinforcements and they will soon come, but for now Nora must try to get the animal out and careful too not only for the safety of the animal and hers, the poachers could just be nearby and they are just waiting in the bushes to attack and take their bounty! Escape players, Nora needs to free the lion quickly, and open her eyes and ears too in the process, will you help her out?

Rescue The Lion is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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