Rescue The Koala Game

Rescue The Koala

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Rescue The Koala is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games for another dose of daring rescues with us everyday. Best of luck!

Koalas are experiencing a decline in their populations nowadays, that's because their dwelling places which are forests of Eucalyptus trees are being burned-down either for logging, development, or new land to be used for farming. As a result upon losing land, koalas become locked in a patch of forest eventually inbreeding with close-relatives, that produces weak off-spring or sterile ones. The problem is getting worst, that's why Pauline became an advocate to it by saving the species in many ways to increase their numbers and promote better life. But that day however, in her journey around one of the last koala forests, she found something and that just tickles her nerves up to the very ends of it.

Pauline found a cage among the trees and inside it is a perfectly healthy koala! First they take the koala's land and now they are going to farm them too? That's definitely not a researcher's cage for it is crude and it looks hurtful to the animal that will get trapped in there. Pauline must do something and that is to of course discourage the poachers, and she knows exactly what it is that must be done. Escape players, Pauline is going to free that trapped koala there and probably rescue the animal totally if it's hurt. Place yourself on the shoes of Pauline here if you choose to do so and tinker on that cage so it can be opened. Stay alert as well for you might end-up in the sights of the poachers that set it there.


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