Rescue The Kangaroo (Games 2 Mad) Game

Rescue The Kangaroo (Games 2 Mad)
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The zoo almost had half of every animal in the world but it's almost for there are new species discovered every year and the facility cannot keep that up, they have at least 20 percent of every documented animal in the book. As a caretaker there in the giant facility, Julio really has a lot of work everyday in-order to sustain the lives of the animals there and most requires special conditions to thrive. One day, Julio was to clean the kangaroo enclosure when he realized that the kangaroo was missing! He sounded the alarm then and a search was called which included him.

Julio had already uncovered a lot of land in the forest behind the zoo but still nothing, that's until one day he found what looks like a cabin and there the kangaroo was being held inside! Julio almost panicked, but he needs not to for the person who is living in the place could just be reasonable or, will totally fire shots at him. Julio could not call help at the moment but he feels like he needs to do something now before the kangaroo turns into a coat or a bust! Escape players, Julio is going to attempt something dangerous here and that is to rescue the kangaroo quietly, he needs to do that and escape quickly. This is a real challenge for you now, will you place yourself on the shoes of Julio and attempt to solve this one?

Rescue The Kangaroo is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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