Rescue The Kangaroo Game

Rescue The Kangaroo

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Wally just came-out of the dry forest and now it is open desert beyond! Wally was moving around the wilderness hunting for small wild fowl to serve for dinner, he lives in the great outdoors so, the great outdoors is the only place he can get sustenance. That day, Wally was hot on the trail of a fowl when he discovered something in his path. Wally found houses and at first it he was confused for the houses were pretty small for humans to live in. Maybe he stumbled upon an dwarf camp or something? As Wally checks those out however, he finally realized what he was looking at.

The houses Wally found were actually traps! Weird, why would anyone make traps to look like houses embedded in the trees? He was quite confused, but Wally confirmed that the houses were traps though when he found a kangaroo with a joey inside and they are struggling to get out! Wally found vegetation near them, the kind that kangaroos would find irresistible, probably bait and that's why they entered the trap. Wally doesn't want to interfere with the traps here, but those catches are not really allowed for kangaroos are an icon in the country, so Wally decided to do something he also didn't like to do, and that is to release the kangaroos for the sake of the mother and her joey. Escape players, Will you help Wally here as well in freeing the trapped animals?

Rescue The Kangaroo is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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