Rescue The Hyena Game

Rescue The Hyena

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The dogs are doing a pretty good job in scaring the predators away and people have been a long witness of tigers there which attacks their livestock, still they need another powerful creature which can stop the tigers in entering the village and hopefully for good. That's why Nestor takes good care of his baby hyena and because it packs a bite stronger than most predators, it will give the tiger a big hurt of its life and it's good too for his hyena is already accustomed to the dogs. One day however, something went wrong there and Nestor has no idea what had caused it and it's one heck of a problem!

Nestor lost his hyena and it's not gone actually, but missing! Nestor quickly tried to find his hyena for he thinks he'll never find such an animal again for he just rescued that animal. Nestor needs to find it for it's a waste for such a creature to be gone. Escape players, want to join in the potential rescue here for the African animal with Nestor before the land gets dark?

Rescue The Hyena is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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