Rescue The Horse Game

Rescue The Horse

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Rico had only been planning to be away from his house in the forest for less than a day, but because something came-up, it took him two days to return and he was really in concern now for he has a lot of animals to feed there and that includes his beloved horse! Rico arrived as soon as he can to his house, he checked everything and thankfully everyone was okay, his horse was very hungry though for his hay have gone-out and who knows how long now as well as his water. Rico needs to provide to it quickly for he wants his pet to grow bigger and strong like a champion stallion, but it seems there was a problem though, for Rico could not get to his stock silos for its doors would not open!

Rico could not get to the feeds and the hay due to the door being mysteriously jammed. Rico needs to get to it now for the animals have gone without food for long enough. Escape players, want to help Rico here with his animals while there is still time? Quickly now, for there are a lot of critters that needs to be fed than just the horse.

Rescue The Horse is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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