Rescue The Hen

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Quentin would like to keep his house clean, but because his area is his farm, sometimes it is hard to keep it that way for there are times that he just can’t help it. That day even was such, for when he was about to tend to his chores in his farm, a hen suddenly went rushing in his home and mess up the place! He tried to get it out of the house but then another problem came-up, for it got trapped in one of his rooms in there!

Quentin could not open that door of the said room for it seems to be jammed now, he is definitely in great concern for the animal came from the outside and it might be making a mess in there now. He is definitely going to clean-up big time now, but of course he needs to open the door first. Escape players, imagine you are Quentin here and is really concerned of cleanliness, will you be able to open the potentially jammed door so you can get that chicken out?

Rescue The Hen is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.