Rescue The Hatching Dinosaur

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The townsfolk knows every frolicking animal in the wilderness which was just nearby and nothing ever really surprises them now, well in such places however just about anything is possible. Like that day which was just a day ago when a dinosaur came-out from the place! People are very curious of the creature, for they have never seen such a thing before, well everybody thought such animals went extinct a long time ago, but there it was alive and breathing. One of the townsfolk was absolutely curious and concerned for the animal, he would really like to take the lead on this, but he was already too late.

Larry wanted to do some researcher and as a scientist who happened to love nature as well, he wanted to posses the animal and maybe take care of it too before somebody does for this is absolutely an extraordinary creature, but he was way behind now for people there have been quick to cage the animal and they are now ready to sell the creature to whomever would pay a very large sum for it. Of course Larry doesn’t have such, and he knows how barbaric other scientists are and people too who only cares about profit. That’s why Larry needs to get that dinosaur out now from wherever it is being held if he wants a chance. Escape players, want to help Larry on this and see if your skills will be extra vital for such a daring task?

Rescue The Hatching Dinosaur is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.