Rescue The Guard From Studio

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Paul got a radio call about one of his fellow guards there in the grand studio which was in trouble. What kind of trouble is it? Radioed Paul. The response was he is trapped in the main complex and he couldn’t get out from a room there. Paul understood then for this place is old and he also got himself trapped in a few rooms there through the years, so he’ll help here for he was the nearest in the location.

Paul is on his way to rescue his fellow guard here and he just hopes this isn’t a too serious problem for he knows this shift as always won’t be easy. He hopes that he’ll just free this guard with one of his keys and then on they can go with their lives. Well that is a likely scenario, but there is a chance that this can go in a different direction and Paul needs to be ready with that. Escape players, Paul here is going to rescue his fellow guard in this studio which was a vast complex and you will be in his shoes, will you be able to get this task done and safely especially for the troubled guard?

Rescue The Guard From Studio is a new complex rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Rescue The Guard From Studio

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