Rescue The Gorilla Game

Rescue The Gorilla

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Rescue The Gorilla is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games for more dose of fun with us daily. Good luck!

Adam came-out of his wooden cabin one day for he kept hearing something very weird in the distance, what could that be? At first he dismissed it for stuff can happen in the wilderness and because there are occasional poachers roaming around that area, he doesn't want to get caught in a problem with them for they can be dangerous. One day however as he finally had it with the noise that would'nt stop, he went-out on a journey to see what is making that, as he passed around a certain area along the path, he would not believe what he had seen suddenly.

There was a cage in a tree and inside it was a baby gorilla! Those poachers have really done it now, and because Adam was seeing this for the first-time personally, he became weak in the knees for he now knows where that noise is coming from, and that is from the family of the little guy. Adam got on edge too as he found that cage, for the poachers might be near and it's only a matter of time until they get there, still he decided to help the animal though with a condition he made to himself that he would do it as quickly as possible. Escape players, Adam here is going to rescue a primate by opening the cage with haste, care to join in and see if you can do it as well? Go ahead and try your luck then, stay alert on the rescue.

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