Rescue The Gorgeous Place Demon Game

Rescue The Gorgeous Place Demon

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The village have never been safer after this demon have move into the place. Well everyone would think that when a demon arrives in an area, it would instantly cause chaos and everyone running scared, but no for this said demon is actually a fallen one and he swore not to hurt mortals and would even protect them from demons who tries to take the place! And so that's why this demon always shaves his horns for when it grows back then he returns to his old ways, he needs to do this religiously or he is not sure he'll be able to control himself. That day, this demon got in trouble and as his closest friend, of course Archie will help him.

It seems to be that this demon friend of his is trapped in something, it might be that there are some people who don't really like him as a creature and his true nature too, that might be why he got tripped. Well he really can't use much of his powers here and that's why he needs Archie's help. The question is though will he be able to? Escape players, you are very much welcome to help here, for every minute that the demon is trapped, is every minute that the village is not safe from attack. So will you help Archie here on this rescue?

Rescue The Gorgeous Place Demon is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Palani Games.


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