Rescue The Goat Game

Rescue The Goat

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Rescue The Goat is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy on this attempt here to rescue a big male goat!

Nate had this huge farm and inside that area is his dwelling place, a few barns, chicken coops, stables, and goat pens. Nate definitely had some work done there when he's in the place, for a ton of animals needs care there and that is why he will be needing extra help that week. One day, Nate finally wakes very early at dawn for work needs to be done and done early. But that day however, little did he know he'll be needing extra help there in the farm immediately.

Nate has this one and only male goat which has huge horns and good body posture, he really needed that male goat for it's the only male among the females, but that day he couldn't however for that male goat got actually trapped inside one of the poacher's cages and Nate just discovered it! Luckily, the farm has extra help and he can concentrate in getting his goat out. Escape players, care to join in with Nate here as he tries to rescue his goat? Go ahead then, good luck and stay alert as well.

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