Rescue The Girl From Wooden House Game

Rescue The Girl From Wooden House

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Check-out a daring rescue here in a remote area, have fun! Rescue The Girl From Wooden House is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

A report from the city's CCTV department just came and it was not at all pleasant. That day, they captured a woman walking in the street where one of their cameras are perfectly pointing when suddenly, a man came near her and smack her on the head! The man took the girl then and dragged her somewhere in the direction of the vast woods. What in the world are people doing these days? As the chief of police in the city, Nolan tried to get to the bottom of that for not only that the perpetrator could victimize another, but every minute that girl is not rescued, she draws closer and closer to her end.

Nolan tried his best in gathering all of the clues that he can get his hands on until at some point, he got into a potential break. Nolan journeyed a kilometer from the forest's edge where the city is at and there, he found cabins and each had a locked door. These houses could lead to a potential clue or better, the girl might be in one of those structures and that's why he must do the rescue now! Escape players, Nolan is going to try and pry-open a few doors here as back-up was on the way, he has to be careful on that or there might be traps waiting from behind. Care to join in and see if you can all make that rescue successfully? Place yourself on chief Nolan then and good luck!

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