Rescue The Fantasy Duck Game

Rescue The Fantasy Duck

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Thomas lives in peace and in silence in the valley for he is tired of living in turmoil in the kingdom's land for they constantly get attacked by the enemy, even then life in the valley isn't all too peaceful, for every night strange creatures would come from the nearby forest and during that time, Thomas must stay indoors and never go out. Thomas also makes it a promise never to go into that wilderness for weird things happens in there, but one day he found himself in a bind and he has to do something now and that might involve getting into the forest he was avoiding!

Thomas's duck supply are running low and he cannot afford to lose one, but then when he looked at the window, the last thing he saw of one of his ducks was itself entering the forest! Thomas quickly ran to catch-up to it but it is too late though, that duck is in there now, well what will Thomas do? Escape players, will you join Thomas here by entering into the forest and get that duck? Or just leave it alone? Well it is kind of too late to decide now for Thomas chose the former.

Rescue The Fantasy Duck is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

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