Rescue The Falcon Game

Rescue The Falcon

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Joseph once found a chick in the forest and he didn't really know what bird it was except the fact that it is a predatory bird. He tried his best to nurse the chick and after a year, Joseph now has a beautiful falcon who was loyal to him and quite smart too. But Joseph lives in a ruthless time however and that is the medieval ages, the people in the villages will eat anything they come across and or sell it that's why Joseph doesn't mix with the crowd whenever his falcon is with him, anything can happen and his falcon might get in danger. That's exactly what happened one day and now Joseph is now on the move!

At some point as Joseph and his falcon was in the forest, the animal seems to have heard something and it flew directly into the nearby village! Joseph sensed danger then and he followed the bird as fast as he can, that was a good decision for in the distance, he saw his falcon got captured by some people and then they ran! Joseph felt the rage then and that made him move fast, but unfortunately though those guys were now gone. Joseph almost fell to the ground because of the loss, but he remembered his fighting-spirit and he will not back-down without a fight! Escape players, Joseph will try to find his falcon here now even if it will take him a long time, will you help him out by finding clues and such that will lead to it?

Rescue The Falcon is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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