Rescue The Elephant

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The forest where Nick frequents for he hunts there has some serious mysterious antics at times and he had already witnessed it himself countless of times. But Nick had been going there for years and even created a path, so he knows what’s real and what’s not there now. One day though, he saw the most mysterious thing the forest had pulled on him, but in his eyes it looked very real! The thing that he saw was a giant cage and in it was an elephant!

Nick examined what he saw and it was indeed real, he looked at it closely and it wasn’t an Asian elephant, African maybe? But that makes it even more confusing for Africa is over the seas from where he was and there are no zoos for miles in his area if ever this one came from such a place. Nick just found the weirdest thing in there for the first-time since he settled in the place, but he must get that elephant out of there and to him the big guy seems to be gentle. Escape players, want to help Nick here rescue a big African animal before it gets dim in the forest?

Rescue The Elephant is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.