Rescue The Elephant (Top 10 New Games) Game

Rescue The Elephant (Top 10 New Games)

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Ken frequents the forest near his home for he likes adventure and gathering random stuff in the place. That day, he decided to go even further and he is positive he won't get lost for he had marked trees where he passes. He won't fortunately, but whose to say he'll not come across something else there and he will which will then place him to a situation which he will decide into if he'll push through or not.

It was calm along the path and Ken was seeing more stuff he likes as he traverses deeper into the forest. He then asked himself at one point, where was this path heading to? That's where he found a house suddenly and near it was a caged elephant! It was not an everyday sight definitely and he was caught off guard! Who would live so far-off as here and what is up with the elephant? The animal looked sad and injuries were visible on its sides. Possibly African too due to its large ears, that's a concern for those things should only be in zoos and Africa is nowhere near the country. Ken was thinking what he should do, maybe free it? Then where will he go? He still decided to free that African animal and maybe bring it to the local zoo for checks to that animal, for him as he looks at it that animal won't last long in there. Escape players, will you help Ken here rescue the elephant while there is still a chance?

Rescue The Elephant is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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