Rescue The Eagle Game

Rescue The Eagle

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Rescue The Eagle is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games. Have fun on this adventure here and keep your eyes peeled.

A lot of turkeys are guarding the area that day, not so sure though for they are moving like sentries around the forest and some of them would even attack humans! As a birdwatcher living in a small house in that same wilderness, Julio is seeing it with his own eyes and it just fascinates him why the turkeys there are acting like soldiers. It was no harm to him at first for he is of a distance away from the area they patrol, but it all changed when somehow they captured the eagle which was his loyal pet and they held it captive inside that abandoned old house!

The turkeys have really crossed the line here and it's very weird for Julio. How did they even capture an eagle knowing that they are flightless birds? Everything is not clear to him here, but he hopes to uncover something as he tries to rescue his eagle from where it is trapped. Escape players, want to join Julio here as he rescues his eagle before something happens to it? Good luck then and be very careful of the patrolling turkeys. Have fun!

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