Rescue The Duck Game

Rescue The Duck

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Finally, Terence has a female duck and now he can start to breed it for he already has a male, and gosh the hardship he had to go through just to get it. Terence introduced the female to the male and the waiting game begins, the two have easily lived together in their pen, guess they are really compatible. There was no problem at all, but little did he know there was going to be the next morning. Terrence woke-up very early to see what had become of the two, that's where he realized the problem.

Terence's new duck just escaped from the pen! He knew then that it went straight into the forest for there is really nowhere else to go but there. Terence quickly went to the forest, he tried his best and luckily it wasn't in-vain, he found the duck but it is still not out of the woods just yet. The duck is trapped inside some sort of cage and there was a lock on it. Terence doesn't know if it got inside accidentally or somebody actually captured it and put it there. But he knows he needs to rescue it quickly. Escape players, come and help Terence here get his duck back, and if possible find the owner of this contraption and get him to help as well.

Rescue The Duck is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Top 10 New Games.

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