Rescue The Dove From Forest Game

Rescue The Dove From Forest

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Earl is confused why none of his messenger doves ever returned after he had sent them to deliver a message. He is starting to get very concerned for this because this had never happened before, so he went to check the forest to see any signs of where they are or where they passed. He was ready for anything and because his birds didn't return which they never really do, he is already expecting for the worst. And yet he was right! For he found a cage in the wilderness and inside it was every single one of his doves trapped!

Earl is confused how did they all got trapped in one single cage knowing that he had sent them all in different times, maybe this is a receptacle of that certain someone after he or she had been catching his birds as they pass by? Or what about this could be a trap to lure him there for certainly he will be looking for his doves after they didn't return. Earl must stay alert here then as he tries to free them, escape players will you help him tinker with the cage so that the doves can fly back home?

Rescue The Dove From Forest is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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