Rescue The Dinosaur Family

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Dinosaurs are of course extinct for a long time already, but the forest here is a fascinating and a very different place though and it can sometimes bring creatures from the past! As a ranger there who is very aware of the place’s thing, Andros keeps everything in order for as long as he can, because he knows one day this place is going to get discovered eventually and of course he won’t live forever, he just does this for if one misstep is made in the place then it could just all end right there under his watch. Even so after he tried really hard, it still wasn’t all enough, for there are people who knows about the place already and they are messing with things around.

That day, Andros found a warehouse there once again which absolutely eluded his sights and inside that complex are a family of dinosaurs which are obviously from the past! This is from another poacher now is it? Most definitely, and as a ranger there Andros will definitely deal with this. Andros will have to rescue the dinosaurs here so they can return to their own time, but he needs to do this quietly now for if he is caught then he might get a potential shootout here from those poachers which he doesn’t want at all. Escape players, want to help Andros here with the potentially dangerous rescue and quickly before he misses the chance?

Rescue The Dinosaur Family is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.