Rescue The Dancing Girl Game

Rescue The Dancing Girl

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Cody was given a task by his wife to bring their daughter to her ballet recital for she had very important work and she is sorry that she couldn't come. Well that's the first time, for her mom always comes and actually, Cody was the one who misses-out the most. So he freed himself for anything so he can bring his daughter there. After a while, Cody noticed that it seems to be getting long and her daughter is not down in the living-room yet, soon she will be late if she doesn't move quickly. So Cody went to her room to come and check, well unfortunately that's when he realized there was a problem.

Cody just found-out that his daughter is trapped in her own room! Cody panicked a bit but he composed himself quickly and thought carefully what he needs to do. How did her daughter got trapped in there anyways and why is the door jammed? Cody pondered to himself. He also thought that this might have not taken long for her daughter would have screamed for help already. Escape players, Cody's daughter needs some help here and so is he, will you lend him a hand so that this mysterious problem can be fixed and then they can leave for the recital?

Rescue The Dancing Girl is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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