Rescue The Cute Wolf Game

Rescue The Cute Wolf

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There is this wolf roaming around the houses but this one wasn't really too wild like the jackals which are also roaming around in the nearby wilderness. This wolf was mysteriously gentle and loves to be around humans! That is a pretty weird thing and people think this one might have lost its mind or something. Still, even though it wants to get near people, they stay away from it for the animal is still wild and can be very dangerous. That day, it was hunting season and every man will be out to hunt in the forest. Even the housewives too, they set traps outside their homes for a catch.

As one of the villagers there, Augustus sees that as well but he is still young and hunting will not be for him until 5 years later. And so, he has nothing to do again but to just stroll around and collecting rocks and twigs or something. That day as he did, he found something and that gave him a very unusual task right there. Augustus found that wolf which goes near their settlement and it is trapped inside one of the villagers' cages! Nobody was around except Augustus, which means this could just be an accident. Of course Augustus was hesitating to free the wolf, but it looks very vulnerable now. Eventually, Augustus decided to free the animal but he is going to need some help here so, will you give him a hand escape players?

Rescue The Cute Wolf is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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