Rescue The Cute Tiger Game

Rescue The Cute Tiger

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The forest is vast and there are houses in there which are distant from each other and some aren't even real houses! For they are actually traps for wild game and there are some bait in it and the animals would enter, once they do it is a catch for the one who set it. That's why Paul stays away from those so that he won't soil the trap with his scent, and the one who set it have been deprived of their catch then. Paul also has a pet tiger so he doesn't want his big cat getting trapped in those, but unfortunately though Paul's worst fears have been met for it actually happened!

Paul saw his tiger going inside one of the houses from a distance and he knows it is not a house! Paul called for it but as soon as he went running, it was already too late, the trap sprung and the tiger is trapped inside. Paul have no idea what to do now for the setters of those traps can be unreasonable at times, and he doesn't want any trouble too when they open the cage and his tiger could get killed! Paul finally decided to just free his tiger there and maybe set the trap again when he is done, escape players will you help him out so he can carry-out this thing which he would never do and quickly?

Rescue The Cute Tiger is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

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