Rescue The Cute Sparrow Game

Rescue The Cute Sparrow

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A sparrow is now coming from the king's palace but it's not just any sparrow, it's Bruce's sparrow and that little thing is pretty smart, it's enough to bring missives too and it's not like the others who have falcons for messengers, but the sparrow still gets the job done good. That day, Bruce had been waiting for it for the little guy always arrives at a certain amount of time, but minutes turned to hours and even more. Bruce is getting concerned now not only for the potentially important message coming from the kingdom, but his sparrow is priceless and who knows when he'll get another one of those as intelligent like it anywhere. So Bruce decided he'll find it and quickly too for it might be that its life depends on him on each and every second spent.

After a while of venturing around the forest and tracking what little he can find of his sparrow, he managed to find it! But it wasn't in a place he expected though, for it had been captured by someone in a settlement which he didn't even know existed! Who lives in there anyways? Pondered Bruce, well he doesn't want to be involved with them, he'll only rescue his sparrow and then leave. Escape players, will you help Bruce here rescue his sparrow as quickly as possible?

Rescue The Cute Sparrow is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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