Rescue The Cute Princess Game

Rescue The Cute Princess

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The royal princess is the new guest at the village and of course she was given the warmest welcome and the most luxurious guest house. She is there to do a visit for even though she is just a little girl, she has concerns for their family's people and on her initial viewing, everything seems to be good. The little princess still has a narrow field of view, but at least she is given some sort of responsibility by the king so she'll grow-up to be a great leader. It's a good thing too that she has her subjects with her, and one of them was a knight named Matthew who was in-charge of keeping the her safe. Matthew never really thought he'll be of use that day for each time they go on orders like this, nothing really happens, but he'll be gravely mistaken however.

The princess got trapped in the guest house and she was screaming for help! All of her subjects came including Matthew who ordered his men to then circle the place. It's very weird really, for even though they can hear the cries of the princess for help, they can't seem to find her. She could be anywhere in there and they all need to get her from wherever she is safely or they'll to answer to the king about this, they just hoped this is just a prank from her, or if it's something else then that is not good. Escape players, come and play as Matthew here as you all attempt to rescue the trapped princess safely.

Rescue The Cute Princess is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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